description2D Physics System
ownerPatrik Gornicz
last changeTue, 1 Sep 2009 05:24:09 +0000 (01:24 -0400)
2009-09-01 Patrik Gorniczfinished changes to deps directory building master
2009-09-01 Patrik Gorniczchanged all directory usages to dir/name instead of...
2009-09-01 Patrik Gorniczrenamed a few more members and changed some switch...
2009-09-01 Patrik Gornicznamed members m_* to quite -Wshadow
2009-08-23 Patrik Gornicz.d files are now created with .o files
2009-08-19 Patrik Gorniczadded usages of trim to lists
2009-08-04 Patrik GorniczentityCreator setup to use bear::Queue
2009-08-01 Patrik Gorniczremoved old Makefile, use the one in libbear now
2009-08-01 Patrik Gorniczremoved some dirty physics hacks
2009-08-01 Patrik Gorniczadded bear to include folder
2009-07-27 Patrik Gorniczchanged phony make targets for projects to be suffixies...
2009-07-25 Patrik Gorniczfixed circual dep issue with phony physics target
2009-07-25 Patrik Gorniczfixed miss placed
2009-07-25 Patrik Gorniczdirectory dependancy moved down
2009-07-01 Patrik Gorniczadded swap to ignore
2009-07-01 Patrik Gorniczadded missing physics targets
14 years ago v0.10 Added the SDL library files
15 years ago v0.09 fixed up make system
15 years ago v0.08 Draws and Updates are now threaded
15 years ago v0.07 can now compile win32 binaries...
15 years ago v0.06 Can added balls using left mouse...
15 years ago v0.05 Gravity Wells implemented
15 years ago v0.04
15 years ago v0.03
15 years ago v0.02
15 years ago v0.01 Repository going public, balls...
14 years ago master